Take up the Challenge and Allow your ADD Free Reign (every once in a while)


Do you ever worry about being too controlled? About not letting your true, natural self-shine through? In a blog for ADDitude Magazine, contributing blogger Linda Roggli describes this exact feeling and how it impacts her everyday life. She is always worrying about keeping herself organized so that she doesn’t miss anything important in both her job and personal life. Now as important as to-do lists and schedules are to keep yourself organized (and we don’t think that anyone should do away with them) there is also certain beauty in allowing free rein to your ADD. ADD gives so much to a person- the ability to be impulsive, creative and big picture focused- that it is amazing when we get to sit back and they get to shine.

When people with ADD let their ADD have free reign, there are so many wonderful, amazing and creative things that can happen. Let’s all join her challenge- put aside the to-do lists and schedules for a little while each day and see where your ADD gifts take you.