University a Good Option for ADD Students?

Just because certain situations can be challenging, doesn’t mean that they are impossible to do. After many years of sitting in class, listening to teachers, ADD students may feel as if college or university is not an option for them because of their lack of attention, and focus.


However, that may not be not be the case. If you think about how university or college classes are structured and run, they give people, with or without ADD, the freedom to pursue areas that they have a natural affinity for, and interest in.

While there are some required classes that all students have to take, there are also a great deal more resources available to turn for help. Professors, teaching assistants, study groups, and extra lab time can help any students when they are having trouble. Along with these extra resources, university students have the freedom of structuring their class schedules how they want- putting classes they struggle in all in one semester or have the option of spreading them out over time- giving them the chance to study whenever, however they want. While these freedoms give people with ADD a chance to find and pursue their passion, they also need to make sure that they take advantage of all the resources, strategies and help that is offered. If not, the freedom that university offers can be detrimental as people with ADD often succeed best under structure.


Our challenge to you is to ignore the limitations that people try to put on you and go after what you want so that you can be success.

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