Tips and Tricks


Becoming successful with ADD or Dyslexia is all about leveraging the gifts that your ADD or Dyslexia gives as well as coming up with strategies to help you overcome areas where you are weak. If you can do this, becoming successful is certainly obtainable even for the most unfocused person.

On this page, you will find tips and tricks to help anyone from kids, parents, teachers and professionals can use to help, work with and leverage the gifts that their ADD or Dyslexia.

Advice for Kids and Parents

  • Deep breathing can really help calm anyone. For ADHD kids, in the middle of a meltdown, get them to breathe deeply by blowing up balloons. The calming effect will be immediate.

Reading Tips and Tricks

  • Having trouble reading? Get books on tape and read along with it to help you with even the toughest reading material.
  • Having trouble reading through new material? Keep your brain on a mission to finish the reading by writing out some questions and find the answers in the text.

Organizational Tips and Tricks

  • Messy spaces can easily become distracting. Keep your spaces clean and clear, you will avoid getting distracted and will be able to focus on the task at hand.
  • For hard to remember things like homework or work assignments, use your cell phone to take pictures to help you remember them.
  • Receiving too many instructions can cause brain overload. Ask for simple and clear instructions to avoid getting confused and having brain overload.
  • To keep track of your incredible, random ideas-keep a notebook next to you so you can write them down. It will help you stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Take 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of each day to schedule and plan out your day. It will help to keep you from getting distracted and will help you become more productive and effective.
  • Use cues and alarms to help you avoid getting hyper focused and losing track of time.
  • Many people find that having background music helps to drive out distractions and keeps them focus on their tasks.
  • Avoiding chores and unpleasant tasks? Turn them into a competition or a game to make them more enjoyable and get them done in record time.

Succeeding with ADD or Dyslexia

  • Focus on where you succeed and you will gain confidence in your abilities and so will those around you.
  • Take time out each and every day to just let loose and be who you are so you can enjoy your ADD and all that it gives you.

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