Take a Lesson from the Arts: CEO Eric McGehearty and his Success


Do you ever feel like you are limited because of your ADD or dyslexia? Like its holding you back from doing what you what you want to do? Well you aren’t alone. CEO of the Dallas based company Globe Runner SEO, Eric McGehearty is, by his own admission, one of the most unlikely people to become a businessman. The reason is: he can’t read.

When he was a child he felt that he wasn’t smart and that he might not ever accomplish anything. At the age of 10, things changed for him and that change came in the form of an art class. The teacher taught him that although he may have a disability (he had broken his arm before the class began) that it did not eliminate him from the class. She taught him that artists can make art in a number of different ways from painting with their feet to holding paint brushes in their mouths.

In that summer, he learned that if a broken arm wasn’t going to stop him then his dyslexia shouldn’t stop him either. He just needed to find a different way to do what he wanted to do. From there he learned to develop the gifts that his dyslexia gave him, which eventually lead him to develop his firm, Globe Runner SEO. If Eric McGehearty can do this, you can too! Let your gifts shine, develop them and allow them to push you to become a success. You can learn more about Eric’s story here.