Hating School Might be Hardwired into our Brains


This may not be something that you don’t want your kids to read…

If you are a parent, you have probably heard the phrase “I HATE School” uttered in your house on a weekly, if not daily, basis. If you are a parent of a kid with ADD or dyslexia, you might just hear it more often than most. In an article for Psychology Today, Dr. Judy Willis describes that our minds are genetically wired to dislike school. School is a high pressure environment where they face stressful and sometimes threatening situations. In that situation, she argues, human brains go back into primal mode and focus on surviving the threat. Not only that, but the children are faced with high pressured standardized tests, and teachers needing test scores to be higher, and to meet a certain expectation that making learning fun and interesting has been completely forgotten. Therefore the kids are less likely to be engaged in the material that is being taught and will often times misbehave due to boredom. For those with ADD, the problem can be even worse since they have a shorter attention span, teachers can lose their attention much quicker than other students. You can find the full article here.