Love - Hate Relationship with ADD: The Story of Rory Bremner


Many people develop a love-hate relationship with their ADD and this is exactly how British comedian, Rory Bremner feels. If you follow British Television or Politics, you have probably come across comedian and political satirist Rory Bremner-whose impressions of British public figures is bound to make you chuckle for days. In an interview with the BBC Radio 4 show, he discussed his unique brand of comedy and what it is like to live with ADD.

Having attended and graduated from the noted King’s College in London, Bremner wasn’t even aware he was gifted with the condition. He was doing so many things at once, from plays to lectures, comedies and seminars. He was restless and impulsive and now knows that it was the result of his ADD. He describes his ADD as his greatest friend and greatest enemy-a feeling that is probably all too familiar for those with ADD. His ADD has definitely helped him in certain ways, especially as a comedic performer as he is constantly needing to improvise on stage and television. Ithelps him to stay interested in numerous topics and with that has helped him make connections that help him in his comedic routines. On those days when he hates his ADD, he reminds himself of his gifts and how it helps him to become a better comedian and playwright.


1.How do you handle those days when your ADD is causing more problems than it solves?