How to Make the “I Forgots” Stop


How many times have you heard or said “I forgot” in your life time? Probably more times than you can remember but if you are ADD or have an ADD child,spouse or co-worker, it’s probably something that you are hear every day and the reason is because people with ADD have issues with their working memory. A working memory is the place where information is stored and used in a short period of time. For example, it is the place where you store a phone number that you are about to call. Many people with ADD struggle with their working memory and it can cause so many issues. For example, if you miss a certain step and as a result a project doesn’t get completed, there can be far reaching consequences. However, there are several strategies and things you can do in order to help with your working memory. Some of these strategies include:

-When presenting information, present it in small chunks so that the person can digest it and understand each section.

-Read instructions and new concepts out loud which will help improve comprehension.

-Write each step down in a different color so that they stand out and you will be less likely to miss a step.Challenge:What are the things that you seem to forget most often? Identify strategies that you can use to improve your working memory in each of the situations you listed above.

Simple solution: for example, if you forget to call people for pre-arranged phone meetings at work, make it the default that they call you–you can get lost in whatever you are doing and the ringing will be the reminder.