4 Steps to Harness the Productivity Power of Focus

An interesting article in Forbes Magazine, Combatting Attention Distraction Disorder: The Ultimate Tool written Margie Warrell, talks about how distracting the world has become and what people need to do become less distracted. Warrell has come up with what she calls the 4 Steps to Harness the Productivity Power of Focus. These steps are extremely compelling and would help anyone with their productivity.

The Steps:

  1. Write down very specific goals that you want to achieve in the next 3 months. Make sure that you are very specific

  2. Schedule time in you calendar for things that will specifically help you move towards achieving that goal. BE specific on when you are going to focus on those things- don’t try and multi-task but strictly focus on these things that will move you towards those goals.

  3. Make sure you get all of the materials you need to move towards those goals. If you need information, make sure you have it when you get to those specific times.

  4. When the scheduled times come make sure you think ahead about the distraction and plan for them. So turn off the phone or internet, let people know you won’t be available. Just do whatever it takes to eliminate those distractions and get to work!


  1. How well do you think that these steps would work for you?

  2. Which one do you think would be the most helpful to you?