Rhythm and Music Can Help with Dyslexia?


Recently, a new and interesting theory about dyslexia is coming out of Cambridge University. In an article, found in the Daily Telegraph, entitled “Dyslexia can be overcome with nursery rhymes and music, says Cambridge Professor”,Professor Usha Goswami suggests that dyslexia doesn’t come from a reading problem but a problem with the rhythm of words. What she came to understand through her work with kids is that they were struggling to encode patterns in words and with that they struggled to memorize speech.

So what she suggests is to work with kids on their rhythm by getting them to read nursery rhymes. With this, kids practice the flow of different words and of different sentences. Her other suggestion is getting kids to dance and clap to the beat or the rhythm of the words, that way they are learning the rhythm and flow of words in a very tactile way.


  1. How do you think you could incorporate this into your day to day life?