How to be Truly Effective with ADHD


Employers are always looking to improve overall effectiveness in the workplace. To help with that, ADD Coach Laura Rolands wrote a short article for the book, 365+1 Ways to Succeed with ADHD entitled, “Weaknesses Need Not Apply” where she tackles the question of effectiveness.

So many people focus on their weaknesses- trying to correct or compensate for them. But her argument is that by using and focusing on your strengths, you might actually become more effective. In order to identify and understand your strengths, she has a list of 7 different questions you should ask yourself. Some of these include:

How you can make yesterday’s success happen today?

What comes easy to you?

When you sit down and answer the questions you can then make a list of all the strengths that come from that list. Her recommendation is to keep that list of strengths close so that you can remind yourself when you are working.


Our challenge to you is to identify 10 different strengths and think of how you can use them when working on developing your plans to achieve your goals.

Stop over focusing on your weaknesses so much - just allow for your strengths to shine.