Kid Zone

Kids with ADD or Dyslexia , you may not think that you have luck on your side because your ADD or Dyslexia. However, you are actually incredibly lucky to have a brain that works in unique and very powerful ways. To be successful, all you have to do is accept that your brain works differently and find some strategies to help you overcome the areas where you are weak and help you use your strengths to the best of the ability.

Here we would like to offer some resources to help you really use the gifts that your ADD or Dyslexia have given you. By using your gifts and using some tips and tricks to overcome the areas where you are weak, you can be successful with anything you do. With resources such as books, documentaries as well as articles, tips and tricks and inspirational stories from our VIPs list to help you become successful in what ever profession you choose.

If you are looking for inspirational success stories, check out our GiftADD VIPs Page  for our full collection of success stories.

Check out our G.I.F.T. model page to help you understand, leverage and succeed with your ADD or Dyslexia.

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