Entrepreneurs and Adults

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed but entrepreneurs who have ADD or Dyslexia are more unique than most. With that, many adults with ADD or Dyslexia discover their gifts later in life and are trying to find strategies to help them leverage their strengths and strengthen areas of weakness.  ADD or Dyslexia gives you so many gifts that can help you become an incredibly successful entrepreneur or career person, if you let it. In this section, we have resources to help you leverage those gifts, come up with strategies to strengthen your weakness so that you can become a successful entrepreneur that can build and grow your career or business.

Here we would like to offer some resources to help you really leverage the gifts that your ADD or Dyslexia have given you. By leveraging your gifts and using some tips and tricks to overcome your weaknesses as you proceed with your career or grow your own business. With resources such as books, documentaries as well as articles, tips and tricks and inspirational stories from our Masters list to help you and your business become a success.

If you are looking for inspirational success stories, check out our GiftADD VIPs Page  for our full collection of success stories.

Check out our G.I.F.T. model page to help you understand, leverage and succeed with your ADD or Dyslexia.

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