Vinayak Sareen has created an App that is set to become successful

17 year old, Vinayak Sareen, from Nawanshahr, India is making headlines for his Get Set app for smart phones that would enable anyone to transfer data files can be quickly. The Times of India has interviewed Vinayak and his family on the successful app that has changed made him successful.  With this app you can transfer files up that are as large as 2GB and the type of files that can be transferred include business files, Power Point Presentation, Excel Spreadsheets are available to transfer at a faster pace. Included in this app, is a chat function that can be used to have secret chats. The most interesting thing about this story is that he is in fact dyslexic and has spent 7 years in special educational because of the challenges presented by his dyslexia. Because of his dyslexia, Vinayak got an exemption from the mathematics but he as he got interested in computers and computer programming, he became more motivated to work in areas that he had previously struggled. As of July 2015, Viniyak’s app has been downloaded by over a 1000 users and is set to become an extremely successful app.


Our challenge to you is to not allow negative circumstances to define you but allow them to motivate you to do what you want to do and be successful.

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