On this page, we would like to offer some resources to help you really use the gifts that your ADD or Dyslexia have given you. By using your gifts and using some tips and tricks to overcome the areas where you are weak, you can be successful with anything you do.

Resources include:

  • GiftADD VIPs Inspirational stories about people who have succeeded by using the gifts that their ADD/ Dyslexia gave them.
  • Books and Documentaries– To help you understand and leverage the gifts your ADD/ Dyslexia gives you.
  • Kids Zone– An area specifically designed to help kids understand their ADD or Dyslexia and how they can use it to be successful.
  • Entrepreneur and Adults– An area specifically designed to help adults use their ADD or Dyslexia to become successful.
  • Parents and Teachers-  An area specifically designed to help parents and teachers help kids succeed with their ADD or Dyslexia
  • Tips and Tricks-  Here you will lots of helpful tips, tricks and strategies to help you become successful with your ADD or Dyslexia

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