If you are looking for inspiration, you have found it! These are the people who have the conquered and mastered the Gifts that their ADD/Dyslexia have given them in order to reach incredible and amazing levels of success.


Name Position
Michael Phelps Olympic Swimmer and Most Decorated Athlete of All Time
Paul Orfalea CEO of Kinkos (retired) Musician and Lead Singer of the Black Eyed Peas
Jamie Oliver Chef, Star of the Television Show: The Naked Chef
Peter Shankman CEO The Geek Factory Inc.
Greg Lemond World Champion and Tour de France Winning Cyclist
David Neeleman CEO of JetBlue Airlines
Channing Tatum Actor from 21 Jump Street (2012) and Step Up (2006)
Jules Verne Author of Journey to the Center of the Earth
George Bernard Shaw Playwright and Founder of the London School of Economics
Thomas Edison Inventor of the light bulb
F.Scott Fitzgerald Author of The Great Gatsby
Robin Williams Actor from Jumanji (1995) and Aladdin (1992)
Walt Disney Creator of Disney
Will Smith Actor from the Men in Black Series and Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Albert Einstein Physicist
Wendy Davis Actress from the television show Army Wives
Andres Torres MLB Baseball Player
Ashley McKenzie Judo Champion
Lisa Ling Journalist
James Carville Political Advisor
Terry Bradshaw NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback
Ty Pennington TV Personality
Glenn Beck Conservative Radio Personality
Joan Rivers Comedian
Ari Emanuel Hollywood Talent Agent
Solange Knowles Singer
Karina Smirnoff Professional Ballroom Dancer
Cameron Herold Entrepreneur
Tom Cruise Actor From Mission Impossible Series
Rory Bremner British Television Personality


Name Position
Richard Branson CEO of Virgin Group
Cher Singer, Song Writer and Grammy Winner
Bruce Jenner Winner of the Olympic Decathlon (1976)
 Magic Johnson NBA Basketball Player (1979-1991)
Vince Vaughn Actor from The Break Up (2006) and Wedding Crashers (2005)
Jennifer Aniston Actress from the television show Friends and The Break Up 
Orlando Bloom Actor from the Lord of the Rings Series (2001-2003)
Jay Leno Television Host of The Tonight Show (1992-2015)
President Woodrow Wilson President of the United States (1913-1921)
John Lennon Guitarist for The Beatles, singer and songwriter
Gn. George Patton US Army General
Nelson Rockefeller U.S Vice President (1974-1977)
Erin Brockovich Environmental Advocate
Eric McGehearty CEO of Globe Runner SEO
Keanu Reeves Actor from the Matrix Series
Tim Tebow NFL Quarterback
Henry Winkler Actor and Author
Charles Schwab CEO of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Anderson Cooper CNN Journalist
Sylvester Stallone Actor and Director
Agatha Christie Author
Louis Pasteur Creator of the Process of Pasteurization
Mark Jordan Musician and Song Writer

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